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"We Lean Heavily on Z&L...  and They ALWAYS Deliver"   Read Our Client Testimonials

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Our Clients

Our Clients are the Lifeblood of Our Firm. 

And it Shows.

Our clients are our partners. We understand their exact needs and values, and develop long term connections – and commitments – with them. We invest time and expertise to build trusted alliances that enrich both sides and can last for decades.

Client Testimonials

What Our Clients Say

"Joel LeVahn and his team have been the absolute best resource we have ever had for our legal needs, whether that be personal or for our many business units that we operate, including our golf tournaments, a 292 home development, and a new golf course. He personally has been our attorney since 1999. We look at Joel and his staff as an integral part of our team in every deal we do and never move forward without them by our side guiding us through deals. They truly do have our backs at all times and are great to work with."

Hollis Cavner

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


"Our decades long relationship with Joel and his team has been excellent. We simply view Joel and his team as key members of our team. Their knowledge, experience and counsel have been invaluable as we have grown our business. From complex municipal contracts to acquisitions, real estate transactions, and family business planning, Joel has been professional, efficient, and calm under pressure and truly cares about our business and team. We highly recommend Joel and his team to anyone looking for the best business attorney in the Metro area."

George & Greg Walter



"Scott and his team's legal knowledge makes them essential to a start-up like mine charged with rolling-up a category through mergers and acquisitions. In addition to Scott's legal prowess, his accounting and business knowledge from working with private equity are second to none. What truly separates Scott and his team from most attorneys is their ability to speak in layman’s terms and communicate with their clients in a matter-of-fact way."

Bob Ruhland

Former VP/Head of Marketing, Current CEO


"My experience with Zappia and LeVahn has been exceptional.  Joel and his team have advised me on several real estate transactions and provided me with general advice on various business matters.  They are thorough, professional and timely. I trust them, and have recommended Zappia and LeVahn to my family, friends and business associates."

Gary Hendrickson

Former Chairman and CEO, Current Chairman


"When I started my business in 1983, I did not realize how important it was to have an attorney to rely on. I soon discovered the need for good legal advice. For the past 35 years, Joel LeVahn and his team have been instrumental in doing everything for us from Business and Employment Law, Trusts, Estate Planning, and so much more. Things are always changing as my business and family grow and Joel and his team have always been there to provide us wisdom and advice."

Steve DeMotts

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


"Since our inception in 1988, Joel and his team have been a trusted advisor for our businesses and our family. They have helped us professionally for the past 32 years and have guided us through several acquisitions, estate planning, and family business planning. Joel & his team have been a tremendous resource and helped lead us to a successful transfer of ownership to the 2nd generation. Joel has done his part to help us to become who we are today and we consider him not only a trusted advisor but a very good friend."

Loren O'Brien & Family

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


"I met Joel LeVahn when I was referred to him for legal advice about a partnership I was considering. Later he became my corporate attorney for Orion Associates and its related social services organizations. We have now grown over 50 times from when he first consulted with the business. Joel and his team supported our growth. They have made themselves available virtually any time of the day or night and have provided incredibly responsive and committed support. Joel is a person of the highest integrity and a dear friend. We truly appreciate all that he and his team have brought to our organization; they have been invaluable to our success."

Rebecca Thomley

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


"Tom and his team have provided law service for our many related corporations for more than 30 years. Specifically, they have provided construction contract and dispute resolution service to us. Tom and his team have provided banking and accounting counsel on many occasions as well. They have been successful in leading platting and tax abatement for our real estate businesses. Tom and his firm have always been prompt and responsive 24/ 7. They are Murlowski’s first point of contact for all our commercial law including innumerable employment and family matters. We look forward continuing our relationship as our corporations move onto our third generation of leadership."

Mark D. Murlowski

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


"Tom and his team have been an essential part of the growth of Hilltop Camper and RV. Their knowledge of our business and the structure of dealerships has made for a perfect fit to provide us legal guidance and general business advice. Tom has provided us straight forward answers and information that was easy to understand and has always been extremely fair. "

Mike Pearo

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


"Joel has advised me since 2004 on a variety of personal and business-related activities. He and his team take a pragmatic approach to the legal issues that need to be addressed. Their foresight on potential risks and outcomes has been extraordinarily accurate. Joel continues to be our Trusted Advisor in business and personal matters."

Lance Vandenbrook

Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)


"We have worked with Zappia & LeVahn, Ltd. for nearly 30 years. They provide common sense business strategies in addition to excellent legal advice. Their vast expertise is extremely valuable to our firm and our privately held-business clients. We are confident any referral we make to them will receive top notch service. They are truly a trusted advisor!"

Nate Lilleodden

Managing Partner


"Joel and his team have been amazing to work with for over 20 years. They also work with many of my customers. What I really admire about Joel is the insight and knowledge he has about each of his customers. This allows him to give not only great legal advice but help with difficult business decisions. I consider him and his team a great business partner that have a wide range of knowledge in many areas."

Brad Benesh

Senior Vice President, Business Banking


"Joel and his team are outstanding business advisors who have won the trust and friendship of many successful businesses. Joel is smart, thoughtful, knowledgeable, strategic, and practical. He is himself a successful businessman and understands business dynamics well.  And, he is approachable and fun, quick to laugh and enjoy life. Joel and I frequently represent mutual clients. Through this collaboration, I have seen the trust that his clients have for Joel and the good reasons for that trust. I wholeheartedly recommend Joel and his team to my own clients who need business advice."

Sarah Bushnell

Shareholder, Chair Business Litigation & Employment Law


"I became an entrepreneur who built and sold several businesses because I like my independence and wanted to do things my own way. Seven years ago I would have never believed that I would welcome an attorney as a partner in my businesses. Now I believe I would not have achieved anywhere near the results that I have achieved without the sound business, professional, and legal advice that I received from Scott and his team. Their advice for dealing with employee, franchise, financing, accounting, and legal issues was invaluable to the success of my business. Most importantly for me was Scott's ability to negotiate effectively on a multitude of issues on my behalf. I could not recommend Scott and his team enough to any entrepreneur looking for legal and business counsel."

Tom Tagtmeyer

Former CEO & Owner


"We first met Joel when my husband and I were buying my parent’s construction company 23 years ago. Since then, we’ve struck up a friendship and have retained Joel’s services for numerous personal and business reasons.  In 2017, he was crucial in handling all legal matters needed for us to successfully acquire another business.  We appreciate Joel’s knowledge along with the entire staff at Zappia and LeVahn, LTD."

Donna Gulden



"Zappia & LeVahn, Ltd, has unequivocally been my number one “go to” for all my contractual services. I use Joel and his team for all contractual agreements and related due diligence. Their expertise allows me to see around corners and only proceed with deals that improve my business. The moment negotiations start, I insist on Zappia & LeVahn as part of the process, period."

Jim Felten



"On behalf of Advanced Specialty Associates, I have had the opportunity to work with Joel LeVahn and his team in regards to healthcare laws and partnership agreements. The team always responded in a timely manner. They gave explanations in laymen’s terms and set clear expectations. They  practice with the highest of ethical standards and we feel fortunate to have such a competent team on our side."

Dr. Kurtis Waters

Physician, Medical Director


"Joel and his team have been instrumental in providing counsel to Straub Design that has supported our growth, governance and business objectives. I have found Joel to be an excellent communicator who adopts the urgency of his client as his own."

Paul Ebnet

President, CEO


"As a Certified Public Accounting firm, we are the “trusted advisor” to hundreds of business owners who seek our guidance on a wide array of daily business challenges.  When our clients require solid legal counsel we always recommend Joel LeVahn of Zappia & LeVahn, Ltd. We have worked with Joel for over a decade because he considers all angles, thinks outside the box, and frames solutions to complex business and legal problems in a language that anybody can understand. Client feedback has been very positive and I will continue to highly recommend Joel LeVahn for all manner of personal and business related problems and issues."

Shawn Hermanson



"Having worked as a commercial banker in the north metro area for 25+ years, there have been numerous opportunities to make referrals for clients seeking  legal services. Joel LeVahn’s name is consistently at the top of the list because he epitomizes the role of as attorney as a legal “counselor”. I have so much respect for the way he and his team go about business. They add value through counsel, advise, sound decision making, and appropriate (but not excessive) documentation to accomplish the goals agreed upon. Joel has a terrific personality, and is such a pleasure to know and do business with.  He values relationships and I truly appreciate how Joel has made meaningful connections that have benefitted me and Western Bank (now American National Bank) as well."

Cindy Carlson

Senior Vice President (SVP)


"Tom Zappia and his team are some of the classiest and smartest attorneys I have ever used. Tom's personality combined with his knowledge of the law has always provided the best results whenever I’ve been in a dispute that called for a legal resolution. Tom has always been my go-to-guy. He is level headed, cool under pressure, and a great negotiator. I am incredibly grateful for Tom's unconditional support, friendship, and professional counseling throughout the years."

Steven Schussler



"I have been working with Scott for 3 years now. He understands small business and entrepreneurs better than any lawyer I have worked with in the last 11 years. Scott not only has the necessary skills you need from a lawyer but he also has the creativity, passion and drive to help small business owners succeed and grow."

Pete Kootsikas



"Our firm has worked with Scott Hagel for over a decade. During that time he has been an invaluable resource as general counsel and a source of wisdom as we navigated business challenges. Mr. Hagel is an excellent attorney who understands business in a way that many attorneys do not."

Chris Jones

Managing Partner


"Joel LeVahn and his team are uniquely talented in advising business owners. Strategic succession planning, buy/sell agreements, and estate planning for business owners are strengths of Joel’s.  Joel has a great team and a strong network of resources to help support his business clients."

Chris Hasling

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